I photograph because I want to get inside of the experiences that allow me to understand different people and everything they bring with them to New York City. I want to pay respect to their symbols, foods, stories, traditions and emotions that we all have in common.


Alex has chronicled workers, performers, all classes and ethnicities of everyday people (and their moods), surrounded by urban landscape, decay, vibrancy and commerce, street culture, street smells, festivities and celebrations.

While his work is public in subject it is also a personal visual diary. He returns to photograph the same places, often corners and intersections, where people slow down, make decisions and move on.

His photographs express the moments between gestures and poses; between everyday and daydream. With reverence, he isolates people from their settings and in doing so, illuminates and records a piece of cultural history within the commonplace. The images convey ease and familiarity; sometimes irony, but always timelessness.

The images presented here are from several bodies of work including work in Astoria, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst (Queens), Manhattan, Little Italy, Chinatown, Coney Island, SoHo and Grand Central terminal.

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